Picture Perfect: Pretty Churches in Europe

This post is part of a new series entitled ‘Picture Perfect’, published because of my wish to showcase some beautiful travel shots from around the world which didn’t quite make it into regular blog posts or which tell a story on their own and need few words, if any, to describe them.

I grew up in an extremely Catholic country with a church or chapel for every day of the year, which means that by the time I left Malta, I thought I had seen enough churches to last me a lifetime. But while I still find the interior of churches pretty uninspiring, there are some church exteriors which have really moved me, and I was surprised to realise, on my latest trip back home, that some churches in my own country had managed to move me as well. Here is a selection of the most beautiful I have come across in my European travels…

…a little weather-beaten chapel at Dingli cliffs, Malta…

…the Ta’ Pinu Church in Gozo (Maltese Island), in this case bathed in sunset light…

…beautiful Karlskirche in Vienna, with its perfect blue dome…

…Matthias church in Budapest with its colourful tiled roof…

Have you made any beautiful church discoveries during your travels? Upload a picture on your blog and post a link to it here in the comments.

-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.theartofslowtravel.com. All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Pretty Churches in Europe”

  1. Are you kidding? I LOVE churches – though purely from an architecture viewpoint ;-)

    In Italy there are sooo many beautiful ones! The Duomo in Milan is simply amazing, and so its St. Peter’s Basilica.

    Outside of Italy, I really loved St. Patrick’s in NYC, and Westminster Abbey in London. The Segrada Familia left me kind of “meh” to be honest – and the next time I am in NYC I definitely would like to see St. John the Divine in in NYC, even if I have to schlepp to Harlem for that ;-)

    The ones you included here are amazing! The Ta’ Pinu Church is especially lovely, particularly in that light!

    1. yes exactly. Swiss, German and Austrian churches often have blue/green domes or steeples, which I absolutely love. not sure if you can find this in other places.

  2. Gorgeous shots! I’ve seen a few lovely churches this last week or so in Spain. I’m still processing photos, and probably won’t get to a lot them until I get back to Korea.

  3. You’re certainly posting some great photos – and nice to have such a collection to draw on. I like the second one best.
    I have a photo of a church in Drumheller. Alberta – just a little bit of a thing, but can’t figure out how to upload just the church to your website.

    1. Hi Leigh. If you can click on the single photo and make it open in a separate window, then you can paste the link of that here.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I realised now while looking at your photos that I’m not that keen on gothic churches. Maybe I find them too harsh?

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