Live Update from Australia: When everything starts falling into place

A bit over two weeks ago, after landing in Melbourne, I wrote a very therapeutic post about how spending time almost constantly on the road had made me feel, how it had effected my health, my relationship with Boyfriend, and my reaction when I finally arrived in Australia, which had been something I had wanted for a couple of years and which I went to considerable lengths to achieve. The mood of this post was pretty sombre, and a number of you took the time to comment and tell me that things would get better, and that it had been only a matter of stress…

…and you were all right. A nice long sleep fixed the lack of energy. The warm Melbourne sun which cuddled me for almost two weeks (even if it’s supposed to be autumn) calmed my nerves and healed my hurt. It made me smile and laugh and see Boyfriend through serene eyes, so that the fighting stopped, and the usual peace we had in our everyday life returned.

As we found a supermarket and started picking our new favourite Aussie products, restocked our wardrobes amid some frustration until we located stores within our price range, started looking for a place to call home and explore the oh-so beautiful St. Kilda shore, I started to remember why I was here, and why I had worked so hard to get here.

I wanted to live in a place where I could feel like I had a better quality of life, where life was more than just rushing home after work because it was either too cold to go anywhere or too expensive. I wanted a place where I had a fair chance at getting a job which I loved and which would work out financially in such a way that I could afford the comfortable life I wanted without constantly having to worry about how much I’d end up earning each month. I wanted a place where to build a little nest and a comfortable base from which to explore. I wanted, above all, to live in a place which I didn’t constantly dream of running away from because I wasn’t happy in it, but one which, despite loving, I could leave for a couple of weeks or months, and always look forward to returning to.

It hasn’t been long enough since I arrived in Australia. I have just started looking for a job, and seen very little of the city and absolutely nothing beyond it, but, as I write this, I am sitting on my new mattress placed on the floor because we cannot yet afford a bed, the laundry is tumbling away in our new appliances, delivered today, and in front of me is a bookshelf which, though assembled with considerable sweat (and maybe a bit of blood), is not only filled with little mementos from my past travels around the world, but will also be home to many more. Suddenly, yes, I know why I am here, and I’m happy, and I’ll do my damn best to make it work out.

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7 thoughts on “Live Update from Australia: When everything starts falling into place”

      1. in no time u will pick up the Aussie accent and at least some Aussie slangs mate! :-) I was in aus for 2.5 years and loved almost everyday of it. I’m Asian and English is my first language. right now I live in the middle east with a crazy job and I had a crazy idea to move to Zurich and that was how I saw your why u were leaving CH post in a forum. I love your write ups. keep blogging, I’ll be back to check on u in lovely Australia :-)

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