Picture Perfect: Images of Hanoi

This post is part of a new series entitled ‘Picture Perfect’, published because of my wish to showcase some beautiful travel shots from around the world which didn’t quite make it into regular blog posts or which tell a story on their own and need few words, if any, to describe them.

Hanoi is a bit of a tough city to get right, cold and damp in Winter with smog/fog and very little sunshine and hot and humid in summer to the point of discomfort. I visited in Winter because Hanoian ‘cold’ is not really cold (minimum 12 degrees celcius), and because sightseeing is best done wrapped up in a jacket rather than dripping sweat. Here are some of my favourite images of this complex and often misunderstood city. If you go to Hanoi, please don’t expect a tropical paradise resembling Bangkok. It’s not Bangkok nor is it supposed to be. It’s Hanoi with its crappy weather, thick traffic and treasures to find if you look hard enough.

Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple




Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and the one pillar pagoda



Hanoian Street scenes


-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @www.theartofslowtravel.com. All rights reserved.


16 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Images of Hanoi”

  1. Nice set of shots. I really like the ones looking down on the street. I was in Hanoi a few years ago, and would love to go back. I remember it being cold and damp, but like you, I find it’s easier to dress warmly and sight see then struggling with the heat.

  2. Great pictures – I’d love to go to Vietnam some day! My favourites are the ones looking down at the streets as well – I love that viewpoint of looking down on the chaos of the city.

  3. These are great-the lake with the pagoda in the background is especially beautiful. Glad you found so many treasures there. I have a friend who just went to Asia for the first time. His first stop was Hanoi. He couldn’t wait to leave! But he enjoyed the rest of what he saw of Vietnam.

  4. Hanoi-crappy weather – check, pollution – check, incredible traffic – check. Couldn’t agree more but still such an interesting city. We were there for the New Year a few years ago and loved our visit to the flower market, enjoyed delicious meals, and even saw the President of Vietnam, with only four people as an entourage – only fifty feet away.

  5. I agree with Nancie. I love the shots looking down on the streets. The colors are amazing. I would love to see that one pillar pagoda in the middle of the lake too. Thanks for helping me do a little arm chair traveling tonight!

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