Picture Perfect: Misty, moody Halong Bay

This post is part of an ongoing series entitled ‘Picture Perfect’, published because of my wish to showcase some beautiful travel shots from around the world which didn’t quite make it into regular blog posts or which tell a story on their own and need few words, if any, to describe them.

Who said you always need a sunny day for a place to be beautiful? Here is misty moody Halong bay on a Winter’s day, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @www.theartofslowtravel.com. All rights reserved.

17 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Misty, moody Halong Bay”

  1. Gorgeous pics! It seems to be in a fairy tale! This place looks so misterious! I love the shot of the man in the boat with fruits!Really weird!

  2. I was there under similar conditions in January but your photos turned out much better than mine. I love the last photo of the woman selling fruit. Vietnam was the first place that I had dragon fruit and that photo brings back the memory.

  3. I have a lot of Vietnamese students (I teach ESL in California), and they always talk about how special Halong Bay is. It looks like an incredible place in your photos. So many shapes, details, and colors to love in these.

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