Loving Brighton beach

One of the reasons why I wanted to move to Melbourne was to be close to the seaside again. While in dear Switzerland, mountains of all shapes and sizes are the all the rage and they get hiked up, climbed and skied on in the absence of interesting things to do in the city (joking!), these ancient, giant lumps of rock just aren’t my thing.

I am an island girl after all.

So on a particularly beautiful and warm winter’s day here in Melbourne, I headed, in particularly cheap and inadequate plastic boots, for a walk along Brighton beach, where I soon discovered that I could keep walking, and walking, and walking along the coast all the way up to St. Kilda. Two hours later when I finally got to where I could catch a tram back home, the soles of my feet had been practically peeled off by my cheap boots.

At least, when I look at the photos below (I’m sorry, I am obsessed with these gorgeous little bathing boxes) I know it was all worth it.





These colourful Victorian bathing boxes make Brighton beach truly special, as if the clear ocean and the deep blue sky which seems to melt into the water weren’t enough. Currently licensees have been allowed to turn their boxes into works of art, though the boxes don’t have water or electricity facilities.

Want one? Be prepared to pay around 200,000 Australian dollars, if not more, and then you still have to rent the land it’s on for around 500 dollars per year.

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-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @www.theartofslowtravel.com. All rights reserved.

23 thoughts on “Loving Brighton beach”

  1. Being an island girl myself, I can totally relate to wanting to move closer to the sea! And I loooove the pictures, the bathhouses are totally obsession-worthy.

  2. Isn’t it so pretty in Brighton? Great pictures!! And I love the fact that you can walk and walk and walk and walk along the bay as far as you want. Hey, we should go for a photo walk soon!! :)
    Will write you an email later today xx

  3. I’m more of a mountain than a beach girl, but love these houses, so bright and cheerful. I just came from the Mindil Beach Sunset Market in Darwin and am thinking that perhaps I am really a mountain AND a beach girl!

  4. GREAT shots Denise – love the colours and can see why you kept walking and walking and walking. Those places don’t come cheaply do they!

  5. Being an island girl myself, I can totally relate! Top of my list when I moved back was to be near the sea so I could see it every morning when I wake up, walk the beach and swim when I felt like it. Brighton Beach looks beautiful, definitely not like the Brighton Beach in NY, which initially I though you were referring to. Love the “bathing boxes” — what a neat name! Totally cool. Don’t love them enough to pay that much for them but I appreciate the creativity of the owners. I’ll settle for your photos. It’s totally appropriate to obsess!

  6. Love the colours so much! I’ve seen photos of bathing huts like these before and always assumed that they were there for the public to use – had no idea that they were prized real estate!!

  7. Beautiful! I love how you captured all the variety of bathing boxes. These colors are fantastic and that boxing kangaroo one brings back memories. We spent part of our honeymoon in Australia and actually went to St Kilda but totally missed these. It looks like you’ve adjusted well to Aussie living.

  8. These are so colorful! Very pretty! I can’t believe how expensive they are though. That seems a little much – even if they were completely decked out on the inside which I kind of doubt they are.

  9. I love my mountains, but its hard not to love the beach. The bright colors of the boxes are so fun, I can see how you couldn’t resist taking many photos.

  10. I love Brighton Beach! It is such a colourful, cheerful place full of character. I can’t wait to visit there again. I am definitely an island boy!

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