The Art of Slow Travel Free photo book and a big thank you to my readers

Ever since I arrive in Australia, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, especially during my unemployed days (I start working on Monday, yey!). While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having so much free time and used it to work on my blog, I also found myself reminiscing about my past travels. With a mix of nostalgia and sheer excitement, I went through my travel photos and realised that, even though I have only ever travelled with a humble point and shoot camera, my archives were full of beautiful photos which told intimate stories.

And that’s how my photo book was born. And here’s the thing. As a thank you to all of my readers who, with their support and beautiful comments have kept me going through many a dark blogging days, I’m putting my photo book online for everyone to enjoy for free, all of it, not just a preview.

To view the ebook, simply use the widget below and view it here, or view it on blurb, the platform where my ebook is hosted.

The online version of this ebook will always be free. However, if you’d like the stunning printed book itself in soft or hard cover form, or you want to purchase an ebook for your iphone or ipad, you can also do this by visiting this page. The Art of Slow Travel photo ebook would make a great coffee table book for you or a friend, and you’d also be supporting, as I make a small profit from every purchase.

If you enjoy this free ebook, I’d also be grateful if you could comment on this post, and share it on your favourite social media platform.

Please note that, as the entire book is available free, not just in preview form, it might take a while for it to load, as it’s a big file filled with high resolution photos.

Places covered: Switzerland, London, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Malta, Istanbul, Bali, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.

A sleeping dog, a snow-covered tree, a little girl in a pink dress peeking out of a temple. Slow travel is full of such fleeting moments captured on lasting photos, but for Denise Pulis, not at the cost of taking anything away from those moments. That’s why all the photos in this collection were taken with simple and humble point and shoot cameras, which could be quietly slipped out of, and back into, her pockets. While showing you that beautiful images can be created with simple cameras and a little touching up back home, Denise takes you around the world to 12 destinations and 1 home country across two continents. Enjoy.
-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “The Art of Slow Travel Free photo book and a big thank you to my readers”

  1. Wonderful idea. I had no idea your photos were taken on a point and shoot. Impressive. I was a little confused about how to access the free book, but it looks like I can do that by going to blurb and then looking at the preview of the whole book. Thank you for sharing your photos with everyone!

    1. Hi Lana,

      Unfortunately the book is hosted on, which doesn’t allow a pdf download, though you can view the whole book online. You can however, download the ebook on iphone and ipad for a small fee.

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