By the water in Singapore

Singapore is one of those comfortable places where I’d happily return even once a year on my way to somewhere else, just to walk along the gorgeous quay, revisit my favourite neighbourhoods and stuff my face with the great food. It’s also the closest I can get to a tropical vacation without the excessive noise, pollution and disorders of less developed countries like Thailand and Vietnam – no offense, but strolling through the streets of Hanoi is not exactly a pleasure.

Before landing in Australia, my last stop on the journey which would end in me arriving in Melbourne tired and confused, was 7 days in Singapore. There I stayed at Hotel 1929 and had some great moments exploring China town and the greener part of Singapore such as the Orchid Gardens. But recently I was going through my collection of photos from that trip, and I realised that I hadn’t written or published anything about my very favourite part of Singapore – Its quays and bay area.

I visited this area both by day and by night. During the day, I took a cruise with an extremely cheesy commentary which showed me around the quays and told me about the history of the different areas. Despite the fact that I wanted to know who the recorded voice of the woman speaking the commentary belonged to so I could slap her, it was thoroughly enjoyable as it was much easier to explore the area on a boat as opposed to on foot given the intense heat. The cruise finished in front of the impressive Marina Sands resort, which is a stunner at any hour.

Singapore quay and bay

Singapore quay and bay, marina sands

Singapore quay and bay, skyscrapers

In the evening, the heat would ease and I tackled the beautiful promenades at either side of the river. The skyscrapers were all lit up, sparkling and imposing, and locals and tourists alike turned the otherwise quiet streets into places full of chatting and laughter. Hoards of people clustered around the famous merlion statue, which is made to change colour every so often with clever light effects. And the star of the scene was still, and always would be, the Marina Sands Resort, lit up like some kind of Startrek space ship ready to take off.


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-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis


12 thoughts on “By the water in Singapore”

  1. Singapore is one of my favourite stop-over cities, as well. Haven’t been in nearly 10 years; I hear so much has changed and that it’s even better now.

  2. I haven’t to Singapore in a very long time but it remains one of my favorite cities. The Marina Sands resort wasn’t built yet when we were there and that looks really impressive. I do remember taking a couple of river taxis along Clarke Quay and loved the views from the water. Beautiful photos!

  3. I just booked my 4th trip to Singapore, so it seems that I also love that city. Plus, it was only $120 round-trip from where I live! I haven’t done this cruise, yet. The scenery looks fabulous and a different perspective than what you get on land.

  4. These are really good night shots of Singapore. We have a couple of days there between Turkey and Cambodia so I shall reacquaint myself with those quay and river walks. I like Singapore but as you say the heat is oppressive. A harbour cruise sounds refreshing. I have been on one many years ago, but I always like boats and the cool that the water brings. We might do one of those as well for old times sake :)

    1. Hi Jan, it definitely is. When I visit next time, I suspect I will splash out on a hotel with pool so I can explore in the morning, relax at the hotel in the afternoon, and then go out again late afternoon.

  5. Hahaha, I like the comparison to Star Trek space ship.
    Your photos remind me of the skyscrapers in Times Square when they light up at night.

    Denise, thanks for returning and alerting me to the comment minimum on my blog. It’s set to 5 words to help to deter spammers. Sorry you don’t like it but I hope this won’t stop you from commenting in future.

  6. I have never been to Singapore but it does sound like an interesting place for a short visit – and I agree that Hanoi is so loud & frantic that it really isn’t that enjoyable for walking. It’s just the heat and humidity that would be a problem – at least for me.
    What a fantastic city skyline.

    1. Hi Leigh,

      Yeah exactly, I really love South East Asia but it’s very difficult for me to sightsee in the heat and humidity :(

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