Kyoto deserves a million posts

Kyoto, like Tokyo, deserves much more than just one post, and in fact, it also deserves a much better camera than I had to capture its gorgeousness. And, as mentioned in my previous post about Kyoto, it deserves much more time.

And I suppose I could write a lengthy article describing every single shrine and temple and location I visited, and its history, but if you read this blog regularly, you’d know by now that that’s not what I do, because everything is already on Wikipedia, or in your guidebook. So instead I am going to show you a series of images where I tried to capture moments, and I will leave you wanting more…


Kikaku-ji, Kyoto

Kikaku-ji, Kyoto

Kikaku-ji, Kyoto

I will leave you wishing that it was you, not me, walking in union with the crowd on a rainy yet spectacularly moody day to see the magnificent Kikaku-ji, the colour of its gold covered walls harmoniously dancing with the colours of all the open umbrellas.

locals dressed as geishas

Locals dressed as geishas – the giveaway is the fact that they don’t have white makeup on their faces and necks

I’ll make you want to go geisha-spotting on a Sunday afternoon in the fantastically traditional neighbourhood of southern Higashiyama. You’ll secretively sneak pictures of  local girls dressed as geishas for the day, and openly take shots of the real deal, because, remember, it’s perfectly ok to do so, as long as they are real geishas.

Kyoto Bamboo forest   In the bamboo forest, Kyoto, Japan - Ema   In the bamboo forest, Kyoto, Japan   Real Geishas, kyoto

You’ll want to walk through tall bamboo forests and tiny shrines with their own distinct Ema designs (wooden plaques), and you’ll want to buy and take a few home with you (again, this is perfectly ok, and they are lovely souvenirs).

Kyoto Bamboo forest

Bamboo forest, Kyoto




IMG_3481 (461x614)   Totoro In Kyoto, Japan

You’ll want to be there, with thousands of other people crowding that temple on the top of the hill, looking down over a valley filled with trees, and beyond it, the cosmopolitan concrete jungle which is modern Kyoto.

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-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis All rights reserved. This is part of Travel Photo Thursday.

14 thoughts on “Kyoto deserves a million posts”

  1. Looks totally gorgeous even in the rain. I bet I could spend a week wandering around just taking images. It sounds like it will be a hard place for you to leave. That’s how I feel about the desert southwest of the US every time I go.

  2. yes even in the rain Kyoto is beautiful…I visited the golden temple on a gorgeous morning and the gold was so amazing and vivrant, but everything there is special!

  3. You photos really do catch some great Kyoto moments. I loved my time their, and would love to go back. I had played with the idea of going during Korean Chuseok, which is next week, but flights are horrendously expensive. I will get back to Kyoto before I leave the region.

  4. I spent a year in Kyoto and even after the whole year. I still have places that I haven’t seen yet and lots of ‘em. After a whole year for me I missed Kyoto to the point that not a day pass by without my thoughts of Kyoto. The serenity, elegance and culturally richness of this ancient capital had seized my heart completely.

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