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Goodbye Japan


nagoya castle, japan

Nagoya Castle

nagoya garden, Nagoya, Japan    nagoya garden, Nagoya, Japan

nagoya garden, Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya garden, Nagoya

Nagoya, Japan

Japanese alps    Japanese alps

Japanese Alps

Japanese alps

sakura in the Japanese alps   sakura in the Japanese alps

Sakura tree blooming in the mountains

sakura in the Japanese alps

Suwa-taisha Shrine    Suwa-taisha Shrine

Suwa-taisha Shrine, Nagano Prefacture

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In the end, the only thing left is memories.

 During the last few days of last May’s trip to Japan, I met up with an old Japanese friend who hosted us at her beautiful home in Nagoya. She took us to see her city, showed us its pretty castle and its garden, filled with Koy. She and her family welcomed us. Her parents welcomed us too, and gave us gifts. Her mother went through a traditional green tea ceremony with us. She laid delicate cups and small, carefully wrapped sweets on a low table, then proceeded to prepare the tea for us out of powder which foamed up when she mixed it with a thick brush. The tea was bitter and delicious.

Then our friend took us into the Nagano prefecture. We took gondolas up in the mountains which were still covered in snow, walked through forests filled with still-naked trees, occasionally coming across a blooming cherry blossom tree. While in areas like Tokyo and the Kansai region, sakura had long gone, this high and cold up in the mountains they were not an uncommon sight.

She took us to shrines and temples, and made us eat even more amazing Japanese food. Every meal was memorable, every bite something special.

This time was filled with the bitter-sweet happiness of knowing that you’re having the time of your life, but are about to go home. Home. Of course I was missing home, but there was something about Japan.

Now all I have is memories, and I have shared them with you in a series of posts which I hope have captured my Japan, so I can always remember.

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-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @www.theartofslowtravel.com. All rights reserved. This is part of Travel Photo Thursday.

16 thoughts on “Goodbye Japan”

  1. Beautiful shots, Denise. Sounds like you had an awesome time in Japan. Nagoya is definitely on my list, should I be fortunate enough to return to Japan one day.

  2. How privileged to have the tea ceremony performed for you – a special moment indeed. Beautiful images Nagano – staying and touring with a local is always memorable. Thankyou for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. You obviously have a great love for Japan and that has definitely come through in the posts. You have increased my desire to visit because of them.

  4. HI Denise,
    Your visit to Nagoya sounds alike a wonderful ending to you journey in Japan. I loved how you showcase the city in your photo. I enjoyed your Japan series. Thanks for sharing your Japanese experience.

    1. Hi Marsha,

      Yes it was a real threat, as was staying in a number of Japanese houses and getting to see a slice of modern Japanese living along side the more traditional aspects of their lives.

  5. I just came across your blog from Mapping Words and was so pleased to see a post about Nagoya… I’ve been living/teaching here since September and will return to Tokyo in December. I run in the park surrounding the castle. But your pictures show places I haven’t seen yet, so I’m newly inspired about my current adopted city! Thanks for sharing and I’m going to look at your other posts about Japan now… I love it here so much! Best,

    1. Hi Robyn,

      I am very jealous. Teaching and living in Japan was something I wanted to do for a long time until other plans came up. I was lucky enough to have a local show me the area so that was great. Enjoy your exploring!

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