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Best Places to Visit on your Colorado Ski Trip


In the last few years, surges of people have been traveling and moving to Colorado. It’s a US state with a vast geography and climate, with innovative and booming industries.

One of the things that brings people back to Colorado time and time again are the slopes! Colorado has some of the best skiing in the world, and you’ll find people who live there solely for the skiing.

You’ll find the best skiing in Breckenridge, outside of Denver, and further up in the Rocky Mountains. But your Colorado ski trip doesn’t have to solely revolve around skiing nor should you feel confined to the ski resorts. In fact, I’m a big fan of renting a condo or a small house on my trips. I love having access to a kitchen so I can still enjoy home cooked meals. I don’t mind the occasional dinner out, but I don’t personally enjoy eating in restaurants for every meal. If it’s available in the area that you are renting, you can even use a service like Blue Apron to deliver the ingredients for you! It’s less than the price of a meal out, and you can use these coupons to help keep costs down too.

Colorado is not only a state of high altitudes, but also a beautiful place where you’ll find rare animals and plants, natural beauty all around, and a range of activities that will keep you moving and keep you happy whether you’re in the city, in the middle of the mountains, near the water, or in the fields.

Here are some of the best places to visit for total ski trip maximization!


Soak in the Earth’s Minerals at Glenwood Hot Springs

Relax those sore muscles after days of shredding the slopes. Right along the Colorado River, just 41 miles northwest of Aspen and 86 miles from Crested Butte (a.k.a ski country), you can swim and take a mineral bath in a geothermally heated pool.

Because many minerals, like potassium, sulfate, zinc, and iron, can only dissolve in heated water, hot springs are saturated in them. Heated spring water rises from the earth’s crust at Glenwood Hot Springs, and this geothermal pool has evolved to become a relaxing, unique haven for tired skiers looking for a re-charge.

Day and night tickets range between $15.75-$21 for adults, depending on the season.

Glenwood Hot Springs also offers fitness classes, a spa, a hotel, and vacation packages.

Dogsled in Breckenridge

After skiing the peaks, head down into the valley of Breckenridge and visit the cutest and strongest Siberian huskies in the area. Family-owned kennel, Snow Caps, takes families and friends on the ride of their lives through Swan Valley.

Snow Caps also acts as an adoption agency. When their huskies reach an age where they can no longer run, they are put up for adoption. It’s a home for huskies and an environment where they can be taken care of and loved.

Show the huskies some love and visit them on your break from the ski mountain, and let them take you for a fun-filled ride with this classic winter adventure!

You can ride with the Snow Caps huskies along 6 miles of trails through Breckenridge’s premier winter activities company, Good Times Adventures. Tours can be booked before the winter season.

$75 for adults, $40 for kids 8 and under.

Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo near Colorado Springs

If you and the family are skiing around the Colorado Springs area, a great day trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is an adorable and fun break from the slopes.

During the ski season, from December through February, children visit for $10.75 (.75 cents for children under the age of 2) and adults over the age of 12 visit for $14.75.

Animal exhibits include, but are not limited to:

  • Rocky Mountain Wild (grizzly bears, mountain lions, Mexican gray wolves, and moose)
  • Aquatics (hippos, fish, otters, and penguins)
  • Encounter Africa (African lions and elephants, meerkats, and black rhinos)
  • Primate World (Western Lowland gorillas, orangutans, and naked mole rates)

& much more!

Live It Up in Denver

Get away from the ski resort for a day or two and stay in one of America’s fastest growing cities. Denver is comprised of an array of neighbourhoods, cuisines, music, art, and nightlife. If you’re sick of the ski resort and are itching for a taste of the city on your rest day, Denver is, undoubtedly, the happening city of Colorado.

Hike in Arapaho National Forest or Rocky Mountain National Park

Haven’t had your fix of natural beauty, and are craving more? Just an hour drive north of Breckenridge, and 2-3 hours west of Denver, is the beautiful Arapaho National Forest. There are six wilderness areas within Arapaho, and it’s saturated in wooded areas, valleys of fields, bodies of water, and gorgeous peaks.

Want more mountains minus the skis and snowboards? 45 miles southeast of Fort Collins, right where the southern Rocky Mountains thrive, is Rocky Mountain National Park. Go for a winter hike and prepare to see some of the most breathtaking views in the world.

When your muscles get sore on your next Colorado ski adventure, take some time off and see what else Colorado has to offer.

The sights, smells, and new experiences are limitless!